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April 27, 2010

Ideas Fresh From The OVEN!

Atara Oven, that is. 

Meet the newest member to The Hype Agency team, Atara Oven. She brings a fresh and exciting approach to the world of event staffing & non-traditional marketing!

Q: What did you do before joining the HYPE team?

 A: I was a freelance Marketing Consultant

 Q: What do you like the most about working in the exciting (and ever-changing) world of events and promotions?

 A: On a creative note: Non-Traditional marketing takes innovation to a whole new level. On the marketing side: You’re giving your customers a spontaneous experience that is more personal than other mediums and for better or for worse they have no choice but to react in the moment.

 Q: You online slot maschinen are working in the office as a talent coordinator; how do you like working on the other side of the business? (Promotional Staff to Managing the Promotional Staff!)

 A: It is definitely a different animal. My past experience as a brand ambassador helps me connect with the talent and allows me to better assistant all parties involved.

 Q: What is the first thing you do when you get home after a day in the office?

 A: I give my fluffy beast, Winston some TLC. (Yes, I am a cat person. Guilty as charged.)

 Q: If you had a million dollars, what would you do first!?

 A: Pay off my student loans.

 Q: What are your hobbies?

 A: Beach volleyball, snowboarding, traveling, concerts, vintage videogames.

 Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

 A: Professionally: Advancing in the experiential marketing world. Personally: Where ever my career takes me; (hopefully Chicago; Hype-MidWest office!!)