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April 15, 2014

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Rebecca H. – From LA to NYC

There is a constant debate going on about the differences between The City That Never Sleeps and The City of Angels- two busy, bustling cities, each with its own personality and style.  One of our ROCK STAR Brand Ambassadors, Rebecca H., just made the cross country move from LA to NYC. Below she explains the differences from West Coast to East Coast and how the experiential marketing world in each city varies.

What’s the biggest difference so far being in NY?

The biggest difference between LA and NYC is EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding. I have done a move from Louisiana to LA and that was way less jarring. It’s the landscape, the transit, the people, the accessibility, the dress code… everything. In LA you get a rather socially conscious liberal way of life… people wear flip flops regularly, the cocktail dress is standard attire for after hours, and being vegan or doing yoga is more than common culture. However, if you prefer a more up-front live and let live way of life NYC might be your place!  Here people wear a ton of black, no one leaves their house half dressed, but going out attire is open as long as you have the right shoes… and in NYC you won’t need yoga because you will walk 5 miles a day just going to and from work.

LA traffic vs. NY public transportation?

Until moving to NYC I had never taken public transit… unless you count a yellow school bus (and that was only for field trips). I had the idea that it was scary, unsafe, and terribly confusing. Umm… I hate admitting I was wrong but… WOW was I wrong! It’s safe, easy, well laid out, and cheap! I spent more money on the 405 freeway on any given day than I do crossing town in NYC. That being said, if you like to drive or if you are not an aggressive driver- LA is your hood. You will drive everywhere; you will plan your life around traffic; and if you live more than 10 miles from someone they will make the “not geographically desirable list.” Where work is concerned, in LA you have traffic to semi-fall back on as an excuse for tardiness… in NYC there is ABSOLUTELY no excuse. Take a taxi.

The Experiential/Promo World…East vs. West

I have yet to see a ton of difference in the experiential world. I hear the competition is much fiercer in NYC, but my experience with that has been quite different. Fortunately, I laid a pretty strong groundwork in LA to be able to move and pick up work quickly in NYC, and that is exactly what I would suggest to anyone looking to make the move either direction. Make a plan, make decisions, press forward, and make your contacts where you are… be fierce… be undeniable. Many times in this business and in life we have very little time to make an impression… better make good with what you get… if you do it will follow you anywhere.

Any words of wisdom to share with East Coasters based upon your Cali experiences?

My words of wisdom, based on an entirety of life experience including (but not limited to) moving to two of the greatest cities in the world: Don’t treat people differently based on what you think they can give you or do for you. Treat everyone with respect and love; in so doing, you will come out on top. A great quote I heard from someone I respect: “people will not remember what you said; people will not remember what you did; people will remember how you made them feel.”


Hear the Buzz about Rebecca:

“Rebecca is a true ROCK STAR Brand Ambassador! Her passion for the promotional industry emanates in everything she does. She is constantly exceeding our expectations, ready to jump on board and always a team player.” – Stephanie

“Just talking with Rebecca on the phone, she always is full of energy and excitement! It’s always a pleasure having her on board for events representing our clients’ brands.” – Catherine

“Rebecca is genuine, happy and hardworking; she also understands this industry and what clients & agencies are looking for. These qualities alone (and she has many other GREAT ones!!) put her at the top of my list.” – Ryane