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March 27, 2014

Client Spotlight: EatStreet

What is better than food delivery from local restaurants? Let’s see, how about being able to order your favorite foods from local restaurants with ease right from your phone, catch the current deals and receive ongoing rewards.  EatStreet is a free online ordering service that links you up with your desired food, connects you with any restaurant deals being offered and allows you to order delivery or pickup with the click of a button. All you do is go to the website (or phone app), add in your address and click “Find Food!” It’s that simple!

Over 2,200 restaurants across the country have partnered with EatStreet, aiding in the growth of local restaurants. EatStreet sets up local joints with online ordering allowing these restaurants to grow in their markets.  With 41% of consumers ordering online today, that number is continuing to grow resulting in higher revenue and increased order volume. From EatStreet’s online service, restaurants have watched their sales rise by receiving larger takeout orders as well as being able to effectively advertise specials and coupons.


Here is a breakdown of EatStreet from Catherine, our activation specialist and EatStreet expert!

What’s the deal with EatStreet?

EatStreet is a free online and mobile app ordering and delivery service. Ordering take out from your favorite local restaurant just became easier and CHEAPER with EatStreet!


When are these deals happening?

The exclusive specials and discounts are constantly going on but you must be logged in to the app or online to see the deals available. EatStreet also has a customer loyalty program in which they reward repeat customers by giving out coupons after every 4th order.


Where can you take advantage of EatStreet?

EatStreet is available in select cities in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. But those of you who don’t have the EatStreet service available should stay tuned. EatStreet is constantly popping up in new cities each month!


Now as a post grad, what are your thoughts about EatStreet?

It’s a great service! I’ve used it with my friends in Boston and encourage others to try it out themselves. The registering process is a bit time consuming but once you’re on board, it’s one of the most convenient apps out there!


Do you wish you had this service in college?

Yes, it would have been a great option when I was in college. I remember ordering out a ton of times during the weekends with my friends and through the EatStreet app it would have been easier and cheaper for us to do so!


How does it compare to meal plans? Food available on/around campus?

Meal plans are good but it’s always the same food on a week to week basis. Sometimes you want to treat yourself to something different. Especially on those days when it’s snowing or raining outside. It’s better to just stay in and order out instead! The best part with EatStreet is that it allows you the variety to choose which local restaurant you want – with the added benefit of their rewards program and exclusive restaurant specials.


What are our BAs doing? What is the flyering consisting of?

We have brand ambassadors out on campuses spreading the news about the available food deals offered through EatStreet. It surprises me how many people are unfamiliar with EatStreet. We’ve had great feedback from the flying events though. Most students are really excited about the food deals and who wouldn’t be when you’re only paying $2.99 for a large pizza from Dominos!!