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February 25, 2014

#TalentTipTuesday – Training Call Etiquette

Many times in this industry you may have to jump on a training (conference) call before an event. This can be frustrating to some and confusing for others. The purpose of these calls is to briefly run through an event and usually only last 15-30 minutes at most.

Below are tips and tricks for proper conference call etiquette:

Read/review any provided training materials prior to the training call
Try to call in a few minutes before the scheduled start time to avoid calling in late
Provide your name when prompted
“Mute” your line to avoid disruptive noises and cut down on the static
If you are unable to mute the line turn off any types of electronics in the background; go to a quiet place so that conversations around you will not be heard
There will always be a moderator (Hype) and/or the client leading the training call
If you come up with any questions that were left unanswered follow up with the Activation Specialist after the call
Stay focused and be respectful of time

Things to avoid during training calls:

If you have not read the training materials do not ask questions- 9 out of 10 times, your answer will be in the training materials
Do not sit in a noisy room, munch on some chips, be listening to music, have a baby crying in the background, turn on the blender or blast the television, etc.
Do not ask questions regarding pay rate, expense reimbursement, uniform, event start time, etc.