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January 16, 2014

Let’s Get Social!

As we enter into 2014, we celebrate the first decade of Social Media giant, Facebook. With new social media networks popping up around us, it has become virtually possible for everyone and anyone to keep track of those who share their lives on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and the list goes on.

Social networking websites allow national and international reach for local happenings. Information overload is spread and shared throughout social media allowing a flow of traffic through the internet that twenty years ago was unimaginable.  Integrating social media efforts into any business improves brand awareness, consumer loyalty and trust and grows company branding.

At HYPE!, being a part of the Social Media community allows us to directly connect with potential and current talent on a direct and more personal level.  Social Media enables us to communicate work opportunities and provide agency and industry updates. Building these types of relationships on Social Media sites not only develops a sense of community with our staff, it offers another platform of support and motivation for our Brand Ambassadors.

Brand Ambassadors with a great understanding of social media allow brands to add social networking into their programs- driving traffic to an event, posting event pictures and/or videos and overall promoting the brand. This type of original content (pictures, videos, etc.) makes for a great addition to social campaigns and generating site traffic.


The Hype Agency's Social Media Profiles

Check out The HYPE! Agency’s Social Media profiles:





Talent Tip: ALWAYS ask the Account Manager if there are any restraints regarding posting (pictures, videos, etc.) about events on Social Media.