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January 14, 2014

How to Wake Up & Stay Energized for Early Morning Promos

When it comes to waking up for early morning flyering, conventions, promotions, etc. to the majority it feels like a painful to-do consisting of hitting the snooze button more than a few times and excessive amounts of coffee. Below are a few tips and tricks to wake you up and keep you energized for early morning events.

How to Wake Up for Early Morning Promotions by The Hype Agency

Eat an apple:

It may seem strange but apples are a great way to wake you up naturally and keep your energy going. Apples contain fructose, a natural sugar, that feeds energy and wake up your system. Apples also contain carbohydrates that fuel your body’s energy supply.

Turn on the lights:

Turning the light on in the morning may seem obvious and even annoying in the early hours but whether you wake up to a bright light or natural sunlight, you are guaranteed for a solid wake up!

Morning workout:

An early morning workout is not only a great way to stay healthy but it will get your blood flowing, increase circulation and wake you up naturally. (Just don’t forget to shower after!)

Drink cold water:

Starting your day with a tall glass of cold water not only kick starts your metabolism; it wakes up your entire body by getting your cells and blood going. Also, you’ll never feel an energy crash when you’re hydrated.

Don’t hit snooze:

Just don’t do it! Hitting snooze will just make it harder and harder to wake up and leave you feeling groggy. Once the alarm goes off, get yourself out of bed. If you are a chronic snooze-button-pusher set your alarm clock up across the room so you are forced to leave your bed!