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January 7, 2014

How to Stay Warm during Winter Promotions:

The winter months are upon us and if you are a Brand Ambassador in a location that has a less than pleasant climate this time of year below are some tips and tricks to stay warm during winter promotions:


Dress in layers: Wearing layers of clothing will keep heat close to your body. Warm air will form air pockets in between each layer which is insulated by your own body heat.


Layer #1: Dry-Fit – An undershirt made from Dry-Fit/Dri-Fit material from brands such as Nike, Under Armour or REI will wick any moisture away from your body if you start sweating.


Layer #2: Wool – Wool fibers provide great insulation and close-knit fibers will create those warm air pockets.


Layer #3: Weatherproof – Your top layer should be weatherproof, meaning  of windbreaker and waterproof material to keep out the elements.


Cover up: Your head, neck, hands and feet let out the most body heat and can cool you down. Be sure to wear a hat, scarf, mittens or gloves and thick socks!

– Mittens are warmer than gloves because your fingers will retain more heat when they are touching.

– Hand warmers and feet warmers are also a great way to add extra warmth in your gloves, mittens or socks.

– Stay energized: When your body is trying to heat itself up it uses a lot of energy therefore you’ll get tired faster when it’s cold out.

– Make sure you get plenty of rest before a cold-weather promotion.

– Staying energized will also help you forget about the cold and keep you focused on the promotion.

– Keeping a snack on hand such as a granola bar will fuel your energy level if you’re starting to drag and lose focus during a promotion.


KEEP IN MIND: Your basics should be non-branded nor have any graphics on them. Depending on a brand’s specific colors, the colors you are allowed to wear may change. But basics- black, white, and tan – are always a safe go-to.


Talent Tip: ALWAYS ask the Account Manager if there are any limitations regarding what cold weather gear to wear and what will be provided by the brand.