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March 18, 2014

#TalentTipTuesday: New Jobs – Checking your Dashboard

When a new job is posted on Hype’s dashboard we send out an email blast announcing the post and direct you to our dashboard so that you can check out all the details. Utilizing your dashboard to view new events in your area and making yourself “available” is the BEST way to be considered for the position. We do not accept email inquiries or phone calls regarding the position. The reason for this is that we have so many different events happening nationwide and we reach out in a timely manner to those who are AVAILABLE on the Hype dashboard and seem like a good fit for this program.


If we DO request that you email us please take the following into consideration:

  • Note which event/position your are applying for, the market you are in and your contact information
  • Send relevant work experience
  • Send professional photos- stay away from submitting Instagram pictures, selfies, photos with filters applied, etc.
  • Please avoid sending a generic email- you’ll want to address specifics related to the position
  • DO NOT email and say, “I’m available”, “I want the job, how do I sign up?”, “#BookMe”… and the list goes on. Please read through the entire email and follow the instructions.


Use the following link to log into your dashboard to view ALL the details about current events in your area. Dashboard Login Link: