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Müller yogurt large scale staffing

getting good yogurt in the hands of the people

Müller Quaker Yogurt had recently moved its operations to the U.S. in Batavia, NY and as the #1 selling yogurt in Europe wanted to drive nationwide sampling and trial of the product here in the USA. Hype was hired at the beginning of 2012 and re-hired in 2013 to hand out samples of yogurt at festivals, fairs, and in busy downtown areas throughout the country.

the talent

Giving out samples requires a large, fun group of people who love yogurt as much as you do. But Müller also needed help managing their staff and program. So while hype found and hired their people on the ground, they also managed everything from expense management and event procurement and permitting to social media and data tracking. And it wasn’t just brand ambassadors; we handled tour managers, drivers and everything in between.

the locations

Boston, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Rochester, Ny

the results

1.5 million samples in 2012
5 million samples in 2013
2500 brand ambassadors
240+ event days in over 20 markets